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With over 25 years of experience providing insurance and risk management services. The focus is to work with clients to identify the total cost of risk and, by providing their management teams the ability to take control of the worker injury process, it allows them to better control the total cost.

A mentor once declared the 11th Commandment of Business, “What’s in the best interest of your client is in your  best interest,” this is something  we continue to practice even today. Although price is important, we must determine what factors are incorporated to result in that price. By utilizing all available technology, along with the “TRM we CARE” process, we work to develop a common sense risk management approach to provide clients with the knowledge and tools they need to control the worker injury process.

Today’s risk management process can be likened to a tripod, each leg plays an important role, however, it only takes one unstable leg to impact the stability of the entire tripod. In business, those roles belong to the employees, the overall operation and safety management. Any weakness in one sector can have a significant, financial impact on the entire operation.

Along with a team of professionals, we’ve developed specialty areas of practice, including working with technology related companies, manufacturers, hardware and software developers including electronics, medical and plastics products.  We work closely with each client to identify the key risk management exposures and provide cost effective solutions to control and reduce the expenses that impact their bottom-line profits.

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