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Risk Management Firm

While most brokers try to save you a couple bucks at renewal, I aim to lower BOTH direct and indirect costs of your worker’s compensation through targeted safety improvements, OSHA inspection compliance, return to work programs and analyzing your policy for errors & overpayment.

Here are some of my most recent successes:

  • Home healthcare company – reduced premium by $4,859 with a 22% experience modification reduction correction in the claim date reported to the NCCI.
  • Wholesale Distributor – reduced premium by $5,252 with a 13% experience modification reduction TRM was able to reduce and later close out a open worker’s compensation loss and have the insurance company refile unit stat information reducing the E-Mod saving premium dollars. Thanks M. Egan
  • Manufacture- uncovered worker’s compensation audit misclassification with a $30,000 + return premium with our 2019-20 policy term and was able to goa one additional policy term to correct and secure additional return premium. This provided a shot in the arm to our bottom-line profits.  Thanks J. Garcia


At Technology Risk Management, we take our position as your insurance agent seriously and appreciate receiving positive feedback from our valued clients and partners.

Bob from the Technology Risk Manager identified an error in our experience modification calculation that was at 1.75 identifying the error he worked with our insurance company and the National Council on Worker’s compensation to make the necessary correction reducing our mod by 30% to 1.21.

Grateful – Home Healthcare Diane Z. Dyer Indiana.

Assisted us in working with our worker’s compensation insurance company to close out open reserved claims securing a revised E-mod for our 2018 policy term keeping worker’s compensation costs in check and securing additional premium reductions over the past couple of years.

12 Year long time client of Technology Risk Manager LLC - Martin E. Wholesale Operations, Chicago IL

Introduced to Bob in 2018 by our OSHA Safety Consultant he came in performed an insurance coverage review matching up to our insurances with our operations and risk management practices.   The review uncovered deficiencies with what we thought we had and identified that our worker’s compensation was misclassified and secured a $35,000 refund for overpayments in the past 24 months.

Client of TRM since 2019 – Nick L Manufacturing Operations Bedford Park, IL

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